Did the LDS Church buy ancestry com?

The answer is no. Ancestry, the online genealogy giant, has never been owned by the Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). It has changed ownership several times and was acquired in 2020 by Blackstone, a private equity firm.

Who actually owns ancestry com?

The current owner of Ancestry.com is the Blackstone Group. This company purchased a majority stake in Ancestry back in August of 2020 for a staggering $4.7 billion.

What companies does the Mormon Church own?

Deseret Management Corporation

Type Private
Divisions Deseret Digital Media Deseret Media Companies KSL Broadcast Division
Subsidiaries Beneficial Financial Group Bonneville International Corp. Deseret News Deseret Book Hawaii Reserves Temple Square Hospitality Bonneville Communications
Website Deseret Management Corporation

Which DNA test is owned by the Mormon Church?

In 2001, Mormon billionaire James Sorenson started one of the earliest genetic test kit companies, Relative Genetics, in part due to his religious interests. It was later bought by Ancestry.com, another Mormon company. While today, Ancestry is a publicly traded company, it uses LDS church records and the IGI.

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What genealogy site does the LDS Church use?

FamilySearch.org is one of the most popular genealogical resources in the world. The site is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is free and available to the public.

Does the Mormon Church own 23andMe?

The Church Of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have never had ownership of 23andMe.

Did Blackrock buy ancestry com?

Investment firm Blackstone announced on Wednesday that it was buying a majority stake in the direct-to-consumer genetics company Ancestry from its former equity holders for $4.7 billion.

How much land does the LDS Church own 2021?

Agriculture. The Mormon Church reportedly owns over 1 million acres in continental America on which it runs farms, ranches, orchards, and hunting preserves. It also owns farmland in Australia, the U.K., Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico.

Is Melaleuca a Mormon owned company?

The Melaleuca company is owned by Frank L. Vandersloot, who converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the “Mormon” church) at the age of 16. VanderSloot also serves on the board of directors and executive board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved.

Does the LDS Church own stock in Pepsi?

Of the 30 companies that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Coca-Cola is the only one Ensign Peak Advisors did not invest in. The fund didn’t own stock in soda makers PepsiCo or Keurig Dr Pepper, either. Caffeinated sodas are not part of the church’s health code, known as the Word of Wisdom.

Who is Blackstone that bought Ancestry?

New York, December 4, 2020 – Blackstone (NYSE:BX) today announced that private equity funds managed by Blackstone (“Blackstone”) have completed their previously announced acquisition of Ancestry® from Silver Lake, GIC, Spectrum Equity, Permira, and other equity holders for a total enterprise value of $4.7 billion.

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Why did Blackstone buy Ancestry?

Blackstone says she and others needn’t worry. “We invested in Ancestry because it is a clear leader in its industry with a digital subscription business that has continued to grow significantly,” said Matt Anderson, a spokesman for the investment firm with more than $600 billion in assets under management.

Where does Ancestry get its information?

Ancestry collects records from various sources, usually from official record sources, including newspapers, as well as birth, death, and marriage records, which may contain Personal Information relating to you. Public and historical records may also contain Personal Information relating to non-Ancestry users.

Can LDS members get free access to ancestry com?

Free LDS partner access to Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Findmypast is available to all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. … As of today, members can access free accounts to Ancestry, MyHeritage, Findmypast, AmericanAncestors, and Geneanet.

Do Mormons get free access to ancestry?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can get a free account. Do this (once only) by signing into www.familysearch.org/partneraccess and sign in with your LDS account. Click the button “Create FREE Ancestry Account“ to register and create your free LDS Account.

Is LDS Family Search?

FamilySearch is a nonprofit organization and website offering genealogical records, education, and software. It is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and is closely connected with the church’s Family History Department.