Frequent question: Why did he say Jesus wept in hellraiser?

Just before the chains literally pull him to pieces, Frank says the now-iconic line, “Jesus wept.” … To be specific, it refers to Jesus’ reaction to Lazarus’ family and their grief at the death of their beloved family member.

What is meant by Jesus Wept?

Jesus weptinterjection. Expressing annoyed incredulity. Etymology: “Jesus wept” (John 11:35 in the King James Version of the Bible).

What is the story behind Hellraiser?

Its plot involves a mystical puzzle box which summons the Cenobites, a group of extra-dimensional, sadomasochistic beings who cannot differentiate between pain and pleasure. The leader of the Cenobites is portrayed by Doug Bradley, and identified in the sequels as “Pinhead”. Hellraiser was filmed in late 1986.

How many times in the Bible did Jesus cry?

There are three times in Scripture that Jesus wept (John 11:35; Luke 19:41; Hebrews 5:7-9). Each is near the end of His life and each reveals what matters most to our loving God. He truly is “touched with the feeling of our infirmities” (Hebrews 4:15).

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Where is Hellraiser located?

In the mid-1980s, cult filmmaker Clive Barker opened a portal to hell in sleepy north-west London. Discover the story behind the ‘Hellraiser’ house… The location: 187 Dollis Hill Lane, NW2. The scene: Sean Chapman’s brooding Frank buys a mysterious puzzle box from a street merchant.

Does Jesus weep with us?

Jesus wept even as He called His friends and each of us to believe. He’s with us in grief and shows us a resurrection that goes beyond the grave to bring new life to this world in which we live-because we believe.

Why did Jesus wept over Jerusalem?

​Jesus wept over the city and the temple of Jerusalem because they had ceased to serve the purpose for which they were intended. People had turned the temple, which was God’s house into a market where they over-reached in trade. Jerusalem had failed to serve as an example of holiness despite being Zion or David’s city.

Why did Doug Bradley stop playing Pinhead?

While Doug Bradley was approached about returning, he opted out after reading the script and sensing it was a cheap cash grab. Instead, actor Stephan Smith Collins stepped into the role, though both his performance and the movie itself were panned.

Was Pinhead a good guy?

According to this definition, Pinhead is a villain. He even speaks to this neutral aspect of his character when he tells Kirsty that he and the other Cenobites are “Demons to some. Angels to others.” Therefore, an encounter with Pinhead is akin to being caught in a natural disaster—neither evil nor good.

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What is pinheads stomach?

In his 1992 series, Clive Barker gave Pinhead this love interest to fight along side with, before he ripped her away in the final issue. In “The Harrowing,” Pinhead is put through the ringer when he finds Merkova dying in Hell, after being dismembered and stabbed through the stomach with a magical broadsword.

Why did Jesus wept in the Bible?

The sorrow, sympathy, and compassion Jesus felt for all mankind. The rage he felt against the tyranny of death over mankind. … Finally, at the graveside, he “wept in sympathy with their sorrow over Lazarus’ death”.

What does God say about tears?

They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.” And the One seated on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”

Why does pinhead have pins in his head?

Rather than gold or jeweled pins, the character would have black iron nails decorating his head. In terms of lighting, Pinhead was designed so that shadows would swirl round his head.

How does Kirsty become a Cenobite?

Kirsty got dragged into the dark world of the Cenobites thanks to her evil uncle Frank, who manipulated Kirsty’s stepmother Julia into helping him regenerate his flesh after escaping from Hell, and later used Kirsty’s father Larry as a replacement skin suit.

Is there a new Hellraiser movie coming out?

The new Hellraiser recently wrapped production, and Spyglass on Thursday revealed the cast. Odessa A’zion is starring alongside Clayton in the movie, which will debut on Hulu sometime in 2022.

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