How do you cite a Bible commentary in turabian?

Turabian. A Book in a Series (Such as the NIV Application Commentary, NICOT, or NICNT). Last Name, First Name. Title of Commentary.

Can you cite a commentary?

Most commentaries (with the exception of the New Expositor’s Bible Commentary and the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary) are cited as books in a series. It is helpful to include the commentary series in your citations; it allows both you and your professor to find the source easily.

How do you quote a Bible verse in turabian?

When you are citing a particular passage of Scripture

  1. Include the abbreviated name of the book, the chapter number, and the verse number—never a page number.
  2. Chapter and verse are separated by a colon.

How do you cite the New Interpreter’s Bible commentary?

How to cite “New interpreter’s study bible” by Walter Harrelson

  1. APA. Harrelson, W. (2003). New interpreter’s study bible. Abingdon Press.
  2. Chicago. Harrelson, Walter. 2003. New Interpreter’s Study Bible. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.
  3. MLA. Harrelson, Walter. New Interpreter’s Study Bible. Abingdon Press, 2003.
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What is a Bible commentary?

A Bible commentary is a written, systematic series of explanations and interpretations of Scripture. Commentaries often analyze or expound on individual books of the Bible, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

How do you cite Asbury Bible commentary?

MLA (7th ed.)

Carpenter, Eugene E, and Wayne McCown. Asbury Bible Commentary. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan Pub. House, 1992.

How do you cite Bible study notes?

This person’s name can be found in the beginning of the book or at the front of the Bible. The notes should be cited like they come from an article written by the person in the edited volume that is the Bible.

How do you cite the New International Version of the Bible?

Works Cited Citation for a Print Version of the Bible

Edited by Editor’s First and Last Name, Bible Version, Publisher, Year of Publication. Example: Holy Bible. New International Version, Zondervan Publishing House, 1984.

Does Turabian use in-text citations?

The Turabian citation style offers two different documentation systems. … (IT) In-Text Author & Date Information Parentheses should enclose in-text references. When page numbers are required, they should be separated by a comma. (R) Reference List.

How do you cite the Bible in APA 7th edition?

When quoting the Bible, you must cite the Bible version in the body of the paper and include it in your reference list. When citing the Bible the in-text citation should follow the order of the template as shown here: Template: Bible Version, Date of Publication, Book chapter and verse.

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How do you cite Matthew Henry Bible commentary?

Reference List Style (accompanies parenthetical citations): Henry, Matthew. 1706. Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete).

How do I cite the Acts of the Apostles?

MLA (7th ed.)

Johnson, Luke T, and Daniel J. Harrington. The Acts of the Apostles. , 1992. Print.

How do you cite feedback?

To cite a review, include the title of the review (if available), then the phrase, “Review of” and provide the title of the work (in italics for books, plays, and films; in quotation marks for articles, poems, and short stories). Finally, provide performance and/or publication information. Review Author.

What is an example of commentary?

When a golf announcer narrates a major golf tournament, describing each player’s shots and talking about his score, this is an example of commentary. When there is a DVD-director’s cut of a movie that is accompanied by the director explaining his choices, this explanation is an example of commentary.

What Bible commentary is best?

I recommend The Bible Exposition Commentary by Warren Wiersbe as the best one. It has very well-written content that’s easy to read and understand. This Whole Bible Commentary is a great partner for your Bible study as its notes are not preachy and are perfect for casual reading.

What are the two main categories of commentaries?

Types of Commentaries

  • Technical or Critical or Exegetical: Includes very detailed, technical discussion of text. Requires some understanding of the original languages. …
  • Expositional or Essential or Semi-Technical: Includes less technical, but still extensive discussion. …
  • Homiletical: Intended to aid in sermon preparation.
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