Quick Answer: How many churches are in Memphis?

The Greater Memphis Metropolitan area contains more than 2,000 churches in total, with all major religious beliefs and denominations being well represented in the city itself, including Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims.

What is the largest church in Memphis?

Bellevue Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist megachurch in the Cordova area of Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Bellevue is the largest church in Memphis and is one of the leading churches in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bellevue Baptist Church
Founded 1903
Founder(s) Thomas Potts and Central Baptist Church

How many mega churches are in Tennessee?

Tennessee is one of eight states with more than 50 megachurches, according to 2015 Vox article. Tennessee’s 67 megachurches trails only four other states: California (219), Texas (207), Florida (120) and Georgia (91). Here are the Nashville area’s largest megachurches.

How many Muslims are in Memphis TN?

At about 20,000 residents, Memphis’ Muslim population is relatively small — but it’s growing, according to Moulay Patton Bey, director of Memphis Dawah Association, a Muslim cultural organization founded in 2015.

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How many churches are there in Christianity?

Nearly all of the above large categories or denominations are further subdivided, to the point that there are more than 30,000 Christian organizations (groups, branches or denominations) worldwide, and more than 1,200 in the U.S. alone (see notes 1 and 3).

Is pastor Adrian Rogers dead?

Deceased (1931–2005)
Адриан Роджерс
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