Quick Answer: What part of the church is the passageway around the apse called?

aisle, portion of a church or basilica that parallels or encircles the major sections of the structure, such as the nave, choir, or apse (aisles around the apse are usually called ambulatories).

What part of a church is an apse?

Definition. An apse is a semicircular recess, often covered with a hemispherical vault. Commonly, the apse of a church, cathedral or basilica is the semicircular or polygonal termination to the choir or sanctuary, or sometimes at the end of an aisle.

Where is the apse located in a church quizlet?

The rounded east end of a Gothic cathedral, including the apse and ambulatory. An aisle encircling the end of the choir or chancel of a church. Also called deambulatory. The part of a church occupied by the singers of a choir, usually part of the chancel.

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What is the term for the area perpendicular to the nave between the nave and apse it is a special feature of the Constantine church?

transept, or transverse aisle, an area perpendicular to the nave between the nave and the apse, housed Saint Peter’s relics.

What is the central space of a basilica church called the nave used for?

In a basilican church (see basilica), which has side aisles, nave refers only to the central aisle. The nave is that part of a church set apart for the laity, as distinguished from the chancel, choir, and presbytery, which are reserved for the choir and clergy.

What is Bema in church?

Originally used in Athens as a tribunal from which orators addressed the citizens as well as the courts of law, the bema later became a standard fixture in Christian churches. … In Early Christian basilicas it functioned as a stage for the seating of clergy, first in the chancel and later in the apse.

Why is the apse in the East?

The Apostolic Constitutions, a work of eastern Christianity written between 375 and 380 AD, gave it as a rule that churches should have the sanctuary (with apse and sacristies) at the east end, to enable Christians to pray eastward in church as in private or in small groups.

What does Earth rooted mean?

Earth-rooted Architecture. the architecture is rooted in the earth’s rich resources – allowing buildings to act as a “natural symbolism” Site. the place where a building rests, with its submission to gravity, its raw materials, and centrality in outer space.

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Where is the altar located in a central plan church?

In a typical central plan church, the altar is located in the apse.

When the dome and the Pendentives are part of the same sphere the dome is classified as?

Domes with pendentives can be divided into two kinds: simple and compound. In the case of the simple dome, the pendentives are part of the same sphere as the dome itself; however, such domes are rare.

What part is perpendicular to the nave in a Romanesque church?

Apsidal is an adjective describing the condition of having such a space. the arm of a cruciform church, perpendicular to the nave. The point where the nave and transept cross is called the crossing.

What is transept in a church?

transept, the area of a cruciform church lying at right angles to the principal axis. … The transept itself is sometimes simply called the cross. The nave of a church with a cruciform plan usually extends toward the west from the crossing, the choir and sanctuary toward the east.

Where did the apse come from?

The earliest example of an apse is found in the temple of Mars Ultor at Rome (2 B.C.), and it formed afterwards the favourite feature terminating the rear of any temple, and one which gave importance to the statue of the deity to whom the temple was dedicated.

Where is the naive in a church?

The nave (/neɪv/) is the central part of a church, stretching from the (normally western) main entrance or rear wall, to the transepts, or in a church without transepts, to the chancel.

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What are the areas of a church called?

The nave is the main part of the church where the congregation (the people who come to worship) sit. The aisles are the sides of the church which may run along the side of the nave. The transept, if there is one, is an area which crosses the nave near the top of the church.

What is the room behind the altar called?

sacristy, also called vestry, in architecture, room in a Christian church in which vestments and sacred objects used in the services are stored and in which the clergy and sometimes the altar boys and the choir members put on their robes.