What is the Catholic life of a school?

What is the Catholic life of the school?

The Catholic school is an open community, concerned with the education of the whole person. It presents a unique, clear vision of God, people and life, centered on Gospel values and reflective of the teaching of the Catholic Church.

What makes a school a Catholic school?

Catholic schools are faith communities based on belief in God and a Christian way of life. Through Catholic education, families are supported in their efforts to educate young people. … Our world needs good strong people with a strong commitment to social justice and Catholic schools strive to play a part in that.

What is good about Catholic schools?

Catholic schools impart a lifelong spiritual commitment evidenced in graduates by their civic responsibility, discipline and humility. Studies suggest that students who attend private high schools will have higher college GPAs and a higher likelihood of graduating than students who attend public high schools (source).

What makes a Catholic school successful?

Catholic schools offer strict academic and disciplinary guidelines, involve parents, and have caring teachers and administrators. Children trapped in inner-city ghettoes succeed in Catholic schools because these schools offer a quality education in a safe and caring environment.

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What makes a Catholic school distinctive?

a. The Catholic school strives to be a faith community, a place of belonging, growth and service. These characteristics are not confined to one part of the school and they need common effort. The beliefs, values and practices of the school define its truth and distinctive offer in learning.

What is the Catholic ethos in primary schools?

Catholic schools have a robust spiritual and moral value system which we believe is appreciated not only by the Catholic parents, but also by lay people of other religions or none who want their children to be educated in a Catholic school.

What do Catholic schools do?

The purpose of Catholic schools is beside quality education and upbringing to give alternative content of education and upbringing, new methods and forms.

What is Catholic school identity?

Brisbane Catholic Education defines Catholic identity as the way in which the Gospel of Jesus is given living expression throughout every school and office community. … A contemporary Catholic Identity is borne of the encounter between faith, life and culture.

Why parents choose Catholic schools?


Students develop a love of learning through academic excellence. Students develop love of self through moral development. … Students develop love of others through a supportive and safe community. Catholic Schools offer a private school education at an affordable price.

Why Catholic education is important?

Daily exposure to the Catholic faith is important to developing a strong religious foundation. Daily lessons in the Catholic faith create a strong foundation for children. Graduates of Catholic high schools are statistically more likely to continue church involvement as an adult.

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What are the principles of Catholic education?

Within the context of Catholic schools, the curriculum in all its aspects – content, the teaching process, and the total school environment – reflect the values of faith, hope, Page 2 charity, forgiveness, justice, love, truth, compassion, respect and service found in the gospels and the message of Jesus Christ as …

Is Catholic school education better?

Catholic school students scored 7.53 percentile points lower in fifth grade math and 5.96 percentile points lower than public school students in eighth grade math. In fifth grade reading, Catholic school students scored 1.98 percentile points lower than public school students.