You asked: Who is behind the Pray app?

Steve Gatena and co-founders Michael Lynn, Ryan Beck and Matthew Potter founded with the mission to empower people to live with purpose and connect with faith. With this latest round of funding, is developing technology that helps people connect with and act on their deepest beliefs.

What religion is behind pray com?

Capitalists Invest $2M in ‘’, a Startup Guided by the Roman Catholic Church.

Who owns the Pray app?

Steve Gatena – Founder & CEO @ – Crunchbase Person Profile.

Who developed the prayer app?

Founded in 2018 by Alex Jones, Alessandro DiSanto and Erich Kerekes, Hallow has created a guided meditation and prayer app that includes more than 3,000 sessions of bible readings, prayers and other Catholic-centric content.

Is pray app Catholic?

The app, called Click to Pray, is available on both Android and iOS devices and will allow over 1 billion Catholics worldwide to pray with the pope online. Pope Francis has his own Click to Pray profile online, which shows what he is praying for. … “The network can also help us to pray in community, to pray together …

Who reads the Bible on pray com?

Hear the Bible come to life, read by one of the most iconic voices of our generation – James Earl Jones.

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What denomination is the pray app?

The official app allows users to participate in community prayer, receive daily inspirational content from Faith Leaders, and make charitable gifts to a 501(c)3 religious organization of their choice.

How many subscribers does pray com have?

Mesa said that more than half of the church’s 12,000 members are registered users of Santa Monica-based Pray’s website and social media platforms.

What are good Catholic apps?

Catholic Apps

  • Daily Readings. Daily Readings is an every day mobile guide for the Catholic Mass readings. …
  • iBreviary. …
  • Catholic Calendar. …
  • Laudate. …
  • Click To Pray. …
  • Hallow. …
  • Verbum Catholic Bible Study. …
  • Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible.

Is there a Catholic Bible app?

The Catholic Study Bible App features a FREE electronic version of the entire Catholic Bible, RSV Second Catholic Edition (RSV-2CE), packed with incredible content from Ignatius Press, Lighthouse Catholic Media, and the Augustine Institute that brings Sacred Scripture to life.

Is the glorify app Catholic?

Pastor. “Whether you are a new believer learning to establish a daily walk with God or a seasoned leader looking for devotional tools to shepherd your spiritual flock, Glorify is the app for Christian daily worship. If you’re wondering how to move your spiritual life from survive to thrive, look no further.”