Frequent question: How do I get into the church re4?

When the base of the graveyard is clear, start making your way towards the church on the hill to the east. As you do, three more not-zombies will come at you, and one of them has dynamite! Clear them out to get access to the church.

Can you shoot Ashley in re4?

A random not-zombie will appear and take her away and if you do not get to her in time before they take her to an exit, you will lose and have to start again from the last checkpoint. Do not put her between yourself and not-zombies. They will pick Ashley up and carry her off, or worse, you’ll shoot Ashley accidentally.

Where is the church in Resident Evil village?

The Church (Village) is an area of Village in Eastern Europe.

Can you take both paths re4?

No matter which path you choose to take, you’ll end up in the same area with another merchant. If you’d like to get the items from both paths, it is highly recommended that you take the left path first.

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How old is Ashley Graham?

Story. She is the twenty year old daughter of the newly-elected President, taken captive by Jack Krauser during her trip home from Massachusetts and held in a European village by the Los Illuminados. It is Leon S.

How old is Leon resident evil4?

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 4)

Category Character
Age 27
Blood type A
Height 180cm
Weight ?

What is in the Church in Resident Evil village?

Inside the well behind the Resident Evil 8 Church, you can find a beautiful Necklace With Two Holes which is a tricky Treasure. That’s because in order to get it you’ll need the Well Wheel, which can be obtained on your way towards The House With The Red Chimney explained here.

Where is the insignia round Resident Evil 4?

A round object with a strange symbol. It fits inside the door of the church.

How do you get into the grave in Resident Evil 8?

Walk all the way back to the Graveyard and head to the tomb opposite the Goats of Warding shrine. If you check your map, you’ll notice that there’s a red line (which represents a door) here. The gates of the tomb were previously locked, but they’re now open and ready for you to retrieve what’s inside.

What is the best pistol in re4?

The Red9 is the best handgun in Resident Evil 4. Sufficiently powerful and quick to reload, it is the best use of Handgun bullets. When more powerful ammunition runs low against bosses, Red9 is still useful.

Can I sell the velvet blue in Resident Evil 4?

Selling price

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Velvet Blue is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. … The Merchant will buy Velvet Blues for the price of 2,500₧.

What is the Ruby for in Resident Evil 4?

Purpose. As a treasure item, its only purpose is as a source of income to pay for new items and weapon upgrades from the Merchant. They can be sold at the merchant for 10,000₧, making them worthwhile to obtain.

Does Leon Love Ashley?

Bodyguard Crush — Ashley develops a romantic interest in Leon after he rescues/protects her. “Glad to Be Alive” Sex — Ashley offers Leon “overtime” during the ending cutscene.

How rich is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: 1987-10-30
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Model, Actor

Where did Ashley go after re4?

She is taken to a remote village somewhere in Spain, where she is apparently held for ransom by Los Iluminados. After receiving intelligence about Ashley’s whereabouts, the U.S. Government sends agent Leon S. Kennedy to investigate the area.