What does abomination mean in the Bible?

Mrs Robinson believes that the term “abomination”, as used in the Bible, means that an action is wicked, vile, disgusting, and morally wrong. … Thus, according to the same book of the Bible, eating pork is also said to be “toevah” (unclean).

What does an abomination to God mean?

An abomination in English is that which is exceptionally loathsome, hateful, sinful, wicked, or vile. …

What is an example of an abomination?

abomination Add to list Share. The noun abomination means a thing or action that is vile, vicious or terrible. For example, if you see a neighbor kick an old blind dog that’s done nothing wrong, you might remark, “That kind of cruelty is an abomination!”

What is the real definition of abomination?

Definition of abomination

1 : something regarded with disgust or hatred : something abominable considered war an abomination. 2 : extreme disgust and hatred : loathing a crime regarded with abomination.

What is an abomination in Hebrew?

In Judaism, an abomination, horror, or scandal is, in general, an offense against the religious senses of a people, and, in particular, an offense against the religious sense of the Jewish people. An abomination offends God (i.e., it is a sin) because it is offensive on religious grounds.

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What’s the opposite of abomination?

abomination. Antonyms: love, affection, desire, enjoyment, longing, acquisition, gratification, blessing, treat, delight, benefit. Synonyms: loathing, detestation, hatred, abhorrence, plague, nuisance, evil, annoyance, infliction, curse.

What is the name of the only dog mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible. The only breed of dog mentioned by name in the Bible is the greyhound (Proverbs 30:29-31, King James Version): “There be three things which do well, yea, Which are comely in going; A lion, which is strongest among beasts and Turneth not away from any; A greyhound; A he-goat also.”

Where is the abomination?

Abomination was taken into custody and held in the Vault, a cryo-cell located at a facility in Barrow, Alaska, by the United States Armed Forces under the watch of General Thaddeus Ross. Only S.H.I.E.L.D.

How strong is abomination?

Super strength – The Abomination is extremely strong. When the Hulk is in his normal state the Abomination is at least twice as strong as him.

What are some other words for abomination?

Synonyms & Antonyms of abomination

  • abhorrence,
  • anathema,
  • antipathy,
  • aversion,
  • bête noire,
  • detestation,
  • execration,
  • hate.

How was abomination made?

Emil Blonsky first appeared in Tales to Astonish, and was introduced as a KGB agent and spy who became the Abomination after deliberately exposing himself to a greater quantity of the same gamma radiation that transformed Bruce Banner into his alter ego the Hulk, using a machine Banner was planning on using to commit …

How do you use the word abomination?

Tattered, bloody bandages hold the abomination together where magic cannot. Intoxicants and games of chance, and idols and divining arrows are an abomination of Satan’s handiwork. Hengstenberg, which regarded Revelation itself as supreme, such interpretation was an abomination . Q.

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What is the difference between abomination and abominable?

is that abomination is {{context|obsolete|lang=en}} a state that excites detestation or abhorrence; pollution {{defdate|attested from around (1350 – 1470) to the late 15th century}} while abominable is {{context|obsolete|lang=en}} excessive; large; — used as an intensive.

Where is abomination in the Bible?

The 17th century translation of the Bible known as the King James Version (KJV) translates the Hebrew text of Leviticus 18:22 in this way: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” The term translated as “abomination” is the Hebrew expression תֹּועֵבָה (tō’ē’bā, a noun which may be …

Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah KJV?

Scriptural accounts. In the Genesis account, God reveals to Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed for their grave sins (18:20). … God first agrees to spare the cities if 50 righteous people can be found and eventually agrees to spare them if 10 righteous people can be found (18:23–32).

What does the Bible say about tattoos?

The verse in the Bible that most Christians make reference to is Leviticus 19:28, which says,”You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.” So, why is this verse in the Bible?