Where is Estrella from in under the feet of Jesus?

Meet Estrella, a girl coming of age in rural California. Estrella and her family work as agricultural laborers in California.

Who is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

At the beginning of the novel, Estrella and her family make their temporary home in an abandoned bungalow which is situated next to a large and empty barn. Estrella and her siblings are both intrigued and frightened by it, and Perfecto brusquely warns them to stay away from the unstable structure.

What is located under the feet of Jesus?

Petra, looking under the feet of a Jesus statue, sees the birth certificates of her five children, and the marriage certificate from when she married her husband in Santa Ana. She views these documents as proof against immigration if anyone tries to wrongly deport her children.

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Where is Alejo from under the feet of Jesus?

Estrella’s love interest, a teenager from Texas working in the fields for the summer. Alejo first catches sight of Estrella while illicitly picking peaches from the orchards and becomes entranced by her and her family.

How old is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

The novel’s protagonist, a thirteen-year-old girl and the oldest daughter in a family of Latino migrant workers. Stonily suspicious of outsiders, she’s gentle and nurturing towards those she considers family.

Where was Estrella when Alejo kissed her hand?

When Alejo kisses her palm, Estrella flees to the barn, seeking its cool and quiet refuge.

What happens to Estrella at the end of under the feet of Jesus?

Estrella explodes. They need the money for gas to get to the hospital! So, Estrella breaks the glass and gets the money back.

What does Petra keep under the feet of Jesus?

If they stop you, if they try to pull you into the green vans, you tell them the birth certificates are under the feet of Jesus, just tell them. She envied the car, then envied the landlord of the car who could travel from one splat dot to another.

What year was under the feet of Jesus set in?

On a chalkboard/whiteboard/docucam, draw a long timeline beginning with Perfecto’s birth, around 73 years before the novel’s present (potentially in 1917), and ending with the publication of the novel in 1995. Ask students to come up with and write in events from the novel in chronological order.

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Where does Estrella go when they return from the hospital?

When they return to their camp, Estrella climbs onto the roof of the old barn, and, in a continuation of this rich religious imagery, the shingles feel like “the serpent under the feet of Jesus” and Estrella stands on the roof “as immobile as an angel standing on the verge of faith.” In this symbolism that Viramontes …

What does Alejo say to Estrella when they get him to the hospital?

Alejo asks weakly if Estrella hurt the nurse. Wearily, Estrella muses that “they make you that way” by refusing to listen until “you pick up a crowbar.” Alejo asks again if Estrella hurt the nurse, and tells her that it’s not worth it.

What is under the feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Viramontes about?

A moving and powerful novel about the lives of the men, women, and children who endure a second-class existence and labor under dangerous conditions as migrant workers in California’s fields. At the center of this powerful tale is Estrella, a girl about to cross the perilous border to womanhood.

What is the significance of the title under the feet of Jesus?

The title of the book refers to birth certificates and other important documents kept in a portable statue of Jesus that moves with the family to each new location along the agricultural production cycle.

Why is Estrella moved to thank perfecto when they arrive at the hospital with Alejo?

When Alejo becomes very ill, Estrella wants to help him but does not have the resources to do so on her own. So, she barters her labor to Perfecto in exchange for his promise to drive Alejo to the doctor.

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Why does Perfecto warn Estrella stay away from the barn?

Perfecto asks abruptly if Estrella can help him tear down the barn; they can make extra money by selling the material. Estrella hates the thought of using the barn until it’s “all used up” and then destroying it, thinking that this is what will happen to her as well.