Why did the pastor lock the doors to the church?

Why did the pastor lock the doors to the church give details?

He wants to collect ten dollars, and he orders the church doors closed until he collects what he thinks Helen needs. These are powerful events for Scout and Jem to witness, for they are able to see how the black community has rallied to provide for one of their own.

What does Reverend Sykes do in Chapter 12?

During the service, Reverend Sykes takes up a collection for Tom Robinson’s wife, Helen, who cannot find work now that her husband has been accused of rape. After the service, Scout learns that Tom Robinson has been accused by Bob Ewell and cannot understand why anyone would believe the Ewells’ word.

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Why did Reverend Sykes say nobody leaves here till we have ten dollars?

He also knows how much money is needed, and he is not willing to let his congregation go until enough money is donated to the Robinson family. That is why Reverend Sykes has the doors closed and demands that nobody leaves until the 10 dollar amount is met.

What did the Reverend do when there was not enough money?

Reverend Sykes sees that there is not enough money, and he tells everyone that they need at least $10 in order to help support Tom Robinson’s wife, Helen, who has to take care of three children but cannot find a job. He keeps everyone locked inside the church until the $10 is collected.

How does the Church try to support Tom Robinson?

Reverend Sykes takes up a collection in church to help Tom Robinson’s wife Helen while Tom is in the jail awaiting trial for rape. This is in addition to the usual weekly collection, and the Reverend is well aware that some people might not be willing to give extra.

Why did the church take collection for Helen?

While there, it is announced that a special collection will be taken for Helen Robinson, who is Tom’s wife. This collection of money is “to help her out at home.” After the collection is taken, Reverend Sykes tells his congregation that they do not have enough money yet.

Who is Link Deas?

Link Deas. Link Deas owns cotton fields and a store in Maycomb. He is Tom Robinson’s employer and when he announces in court, that he had not “had a speck o’ trouble outta him” in the eight years Tom had been working for him, he is sent out by Judge John Taylor for his outburst.

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For what is the collection taken up for today?

Since Tom cannot work, and Helen has to stay home with the children, the family has no income. Reverend Sykes tells Alec to shut the doors and won’t allow anyone to leave until they have collected ten dollars.

What does threatened to church her mean?

My dictionary says it’s an American regionalism meaning “to subject to church discipline.”

What does Scout find under her bed when she goes to bed one night?

What does Scout find under her bed? Scout finds Dill under her bed.

Why does Calpurnia say hymn books wouldn’t do her church any good?

Lining is a technique used where the leader sings the first line of a song, and the congregation carols the same line back. Calpurnia tells Scout that it wouldn’t make much sense to have hymnals in their church because the majority of the congregation cannot read.

What is going on in the novel when Calpurnia says I don’t want anybody sayin I don’t look after my children?

What is going on in the novel when Calpurnia says, “I don’t want anybody sayin’ I don’t look after my children.” Calpurnia is bringing them to her church and she wants the children to look clean and well-dressed. … what does aunt Alexandra think the children should be proud of?

Why can’t Tom Robinson’s wife get work?

At that time, Maycomb’s employers were white, and white people generally sided with other whites. As a result, white people didn’t hire Helen because her husband is the black man in a racial controversy. … As a result, Helen Robinson is ostracized from working because her husband is accused of raping a white girl.

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Why did Sheriff Tate visit the Finch home?

Tate and the other men, including Link Deas and Dr Reynolds, come to visit Atticus to tell him that trouble might be brewing. Tom Robinson is being transferred to Maycomb County Jail just before the trial and there is the possibility that some men from the town will try to lynch him.

Who does the congregation collect money for and why?

Chapter Twelve

Jem and Scout realize that there is a strong sense of racial inequality in Maycomb when they first arrive at Calpurnia’s church. Reverend Sykes has the congregation collect money for Tom Robinson’s family. They will continue to collect for his family for the next three weeks as well.