Why was Prophet Yusuf thrown into a well?

They envied Yusuf because they felt he was special and they were not. Unable to handle their emotions they devised a plan to get rid of Yusuf by throwing him into a well. So, one day they approached their father and suggested that he send Yusuf to come with them on an outing.

Why was Prophet Yusuf thrown in a well?

But one of the brothers argued against killing him and suggested they throw him into a well, said to be Jubb Yusif (Arabic: جب يوسف‎, “Well of Joseph”), so that a caravan might pick him up and take him into slavery.

Who came to Prophet Yusuf in the well?

Biblical narrative. According to the biblical story (Genesis 37:12-23), Joseph was sent from Hebron by his father Jacob, to his brothers who tended sheep in Shechem (Nablus). When he arrived there he learned that his brothers had moved on to Dothan, where he then caught up with them.

Where is the well where Yusuf as was thrown?

‘Jubb Yussef’ is located in Galillee, and is considered to be the well which Prophet’s Yusuf (pbuh) was thrown in to by his brothers. He is thought to be the last to be buried at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

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Did Prophet Yusuf forgive his brothers?

This is the response of Prophet Yusuf when his brothers, who had abandoned him as a child out of sheer jealousy, asked for his forgiveness YEARS later. … This is the response of Prophet Yusuf when his brothers, who had abandoned him as a child out of sheer jealousy, asked for his forgiveness YEARS later.

Was Yusuf married?

When Yusuf (Joseph) said to his father “O my father, surely I saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating to me.” …

Was Yusuf a prophet or messenger?

Prophets and messengers in the Qur’an

Name Prophet Messenger
Yusuf (Joseph) Prophet
Ayyub (Job) Prophet
Shu’ayb (Jethro) Messenger
Musa (Moses) Prophet Messenger

What does Surah Yusuf teach?

This surah is full of meaningful messages of patience, reliance on Allah and how to overcome hardship and betrayal. It was also educational, teaching the Prophet Muhammad the answers to queries that were posed to him by the local Jews and Muslims.

What is the story of Prophet Yusuf?

The story of Sura Yūsuf is about the Prophet Yūsuf, translated in English as Joseph. … One day Yūsuf has a dream and he narrates his dream to his father, who immediately knows that Yūsuf will be a prophet. His father tells him not to tell his brothers to avoid any harm.

Where did Yusuf live?

The sons of Israel, including Yusuf, lived together in Egypt in the land of Jushan or Gasan, now known as Wadi al-Tumailat, a farming valley that extends from the city of Zagazig in al-Sharqeya to the west of al-Ismailia. Their stay in Egypt lasted until the birth of Prophet Moses (Mussa), the son of Imran.

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How old was Joseph when he was thrown into the pit?

When Joseph was 17 years old Jacob gave him a special ornate robe of many colors. It was a long robe with long sleeves and it upset his working-class brothers because it put Joseph above them as his father’s right-hand man.