How do you say someone is godly?

How do you describe a godly person?

A godly person is someone who is deeply religious and shows obedience to the rules of their religion.

How do you say something is godly?


  1. angelic.
  2. born-again.
  3. celestial.
  4. charismatic.
  5. deific.
  6. devout.
  7. divine.
  8. god-fearing.

What are synonyms for godly?

Synonyms & Antonyms of godly

  • devout,
  • holy,
  • pious,
  • religious,
  • sainted,
  • saintly.

How do you use godly in a sentence?

Godly sentence example

  1. Godly love is the highest of the spiritual gifts. …
  2. It was often reissued with additions, The Godly Man’s Portion in 1663, Heaven Opened in 1666, The World Conquered in 1668. …
  3. It is impossible here to follow the course of the strife, in which the godly were led by the earls of Gowrie and Angus.

What does godly mean in slang?

1 : divine. 2 : pious, devout.

What is a godly woman?

A GODLY WOMAN IS A WOMAN OF VALUE. “She is worth far more than rubies.” v. 10. She is valuable to her husband. She is not only his helpmate and the mother of his children, but her actions show how much she means to him.

Do we say godly or godly?

Do You Capitalize ‘Godly’? Hillary M. from Las Vegas wanted to know if she should capitalize the word like “godly” and “godsend.” “Godly” and other words that start with “god” are almost always lowercase.

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What’s better than godly?

The riddle: What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich don’t need it, And if you eat it, you’ll die? The answer to the riddle is “nothing.” Nothing is greater than God.

What is noun form of godly?

godhood. The state of being a god; divinity.

What are some biblical terms?

Explore the Words

  • advent. arrival that has been awaited.
  • altar. a raised structure on which sacrifices to a god are made.
  • antediluvian. of or relating to the period before the biblical flood.
  • apostle. an ardent early supporter of a cause or reform.
  • appearance. …
  • atonement. …
  • baptism. …
  • betrothed.

What is a godly man?

A Godly man is one that puts an emphasis on his own integrity. He strives to be honest and just. He works to develop a strong ethical foundation. He has an understanding of Godly behavior, and he wants to live to please God. A Godly man has a good character and a clean conscience.

What is another word for powerful?

What is another word for powerful?

forceful violent
strong vigorous
almighty hard
mighty ferocious
explosive fierce

Is God fearing a word?

deeply respectful or fearful of God. (sometimes lowercase) deeply religious; pious; devout.